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Risk Identification Framework


What is Risk Identification?

A risk to a business is the effect of uncertainty on the objectives of that business. The active monitoring of opportunities and threats is key to any well-managed company. Risks can be present across a broad taxonomy; Market, Credit, Operational, Reputational, Operational and Strategic Risks are common categories to identify critical risks. Every business has different risk exposures. We work with you to Implement a comprehensive Risk Identification Framework unique to your business. With over 20 years of risk management experience and successful history of implementing risk identification frameworks in Large Financial Institutions,  look no further than EON Risk Services.

EON Risk Identification

Our guide to your Risk Identification Framework

Session 1: Initial Consultation

- To understand your risk exposures.

Session 2: Your risk identification goals

- Setting out a plan of implementation.

Session 3: Taxonomy of Risks

- Categorising your risk exposures.

Session 4: Stakeholder Management

- Managing your risk identification stakeholders.

Session 5: Risk identification process

- Tailoring a risk identification process to your business.

Session 6: Risk evaluation process

- Methods of evaluating and prioritising your risks.

Session 7: Risk mitigation process

- Managing your risks on an ongoing basis.

Session 8: Integrating risk identification

- Embedding Risk identification into your company

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