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  • Rory Roberts

Methods of risk Identification - Analyse Exposures

A company can identify risks through analysis of external threats against company exposures by evaluating the potential impact of external threats on its operations and financial performance. This might involve the following steps:

I. Identify external threats: The first step is to identify external threats that the company is exposed to, such as economic, political, or environmental risks. This might involve reviewing market conditions, industry trends, or regulatory changes that could affect the company.

II. Assess company exposures: The next step is to assess the company's exposures to these external threats. This might involve evaluating the potential impact of the identified threats on the company's operations, financial performance, and reputation.

III. Analyze and assess risks: Once the company has identified external threats and assessed its exposures, it can analyze and assess the risks that these threats pose. This might involve evaluating the likelihood and potential impact of identified risks, as well as determining the appropriate level of controls or other risk management measures to put in place.

IV. Communicate findings: The company should communicate the findings of its risk identification process to relevant stakeholders, including senior management and key decision-makers. This might involve providing a report on the risks that have been identified, as well as recommendations for managing those risks

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